Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another lapse...

It's been another lapse in my blog. Not much has been going on besides working and playing. I bought some running shoes yesterday and went on a little jog, was very nice! Hmm what else. My sister was in town last weekend and Lou and Broc are coming this weekend.

Last nights events are note worthy though. I went to buy my shoes and stopped in the starbucks to get some legal crack, there were already a lot of cops outside at this point. So I grabbed my coffee and attempted to leave upon which a cop told me to stay inside and then there were yells about bomb squad. There were also like 12 cop dog cars. So that was fun.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Secret Service

So there were 2 suv's and three secret service guys outside our apartment just chilling for a bit... nothing good happened, but was kinda cool.

Was praying for a gun battle or something. Damn it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Drugs hit home

This is a repost from my blog at

I sat here debating if this was blog worthy, and I decided it was. Then I sat here and tried to figure out if this was the right blog for this, I decide it was. This wont be as politically charged as most posts but it will mean something to someone, I'm sure. Today has been a rough day for the mind.

Being the hard worker I am the first thing I did when arriving at work this morning was to log into my MySpace account. Upon each I see a massive amounts of RIP bulletins along with an acquaintances name. After a few quick messages and reading comments left, I find that it is true. Utah socialite Scott aka “Scott!...From Myspace!…Right?” passed away Friday night, from what I can tell it was an overdose.

This isn’t another post on how cool Scott was, everyone who knew him knows. This is just a wake up post. Almost two years ago Scott wrote a blog about the need to calm down and return to a normal lifestyle, kind of an ironic fate to meet.

All of us in school probably know someone capable of great things but heading somewhere you can’t come back from. I guess it is just time to reach out to those around us before it’s too late.

This Sunday...

This Sunday I rolled out of bed with no plans, started getting ready and suddenly get told that we are leaving in 15 minutes for the Naval Academy and Philly So we load into the rental car and off we go. We arrive in Annapolis and it is some fair thing going on, so a lot of people just walking around and enjoy the awesome weather. Annapolis is not what I thought it would be at all. It's a small little town, with awesome buildings and just that comfy little town feeling to it. We walked around and checked out the shops and fair, walked around the campus of the Naval Academy and ate some wonderful fish and chips in the harbor. We then partake in some awesome ice cream eating (I had Rum and raisin, so yummy) and bought a really killer hat (Fedora style..). We load back into the car and hit the freeway towards Philly. We arrive in Philly about 6 so we only have a couple hours to check out the city. Overall it's a dirty city. But we did get to see Independence Hall, where the constitution was signed, the liberty bell. We also saw that house of that one lady who made the flag or something. We also stopped by the most American, red neck, racist fast good joint to partake in eating some REAL Philly cheese steak sandwiches. OMG, they are so good. At the time I didn't think they were that good, but after I ate it -- the truth set in, freaking good. Oh they also sold this wonderful shirts:

This Saturday...

Saturday we loaded up and headed out to Gettysburg to enjoy the afternoon walking around. I really enjoyed this little trip. It truly puts the battle into scope. There's a little loop you can drive on and get all the major point and be able to see exactly what each side would have seen with each day of the battle. Just imaging a line of guys a mile long charging the hill we were on was very amazing and connected everything I learned in history class.

You have to imagine it... this is a TINY TINY town now, back then it was even smaller. And coming from each side we have 90,000 Union troops and 70,000 Confederate troops. After three days of fighting there were 7,000 dead, nearly 30,000 wounded and close to 12,000 missing. We were told by the tour guide that after the battle all the dead troops and horses (roughly 6,000 dead horses) were left scattered all about the town and surrounding hills, leaving the clean up to the 2,000 residents.

This battle serves as a very important turning point in the war.. the Union Army chases the Confederate Army to the south. Lincoln will later give his famous Emancipation Proclamation from here. In all honesty we owe who we are now to this little town.

Obama '08

Okay got a few updates to add :) I'll do each one as a new post.

So I forget which day this was exactly but we few Utah interns and myself ventured on over to an outdoor park type thing to listen to Mr. Obama give a little speech. He is a very strong speaker and knows how to work a crowd. So yeah to the side is a pic of me and the girls after and a video of his speech.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007