Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A horrible Monday!

So yesterday started as just a normal hum-dum Monday... well it get bad. I, being so smart, decided to set my phone on top of my cubicle wall in order to get a signal and get text messages... well within 2 minutes I bumped the my desk and my phone fell in between my cubicle and the wall. Lets paint this a little better...

There's probably a cap of less then an inch and a half between the two walls. The cubicle is not able to move as it's massive. There are many wires between the two walls... and my phone.

I tried everything... made contraptions and ended up just scratching up the nice blue paint.

My phone was recovered after probably what amounts to 18 man hours, took two maintenance guys, duck tape, a hose and a hanger.... but at about 6:18 Plan H was a success.

Stupid intern.


Hazel said...

Oops! Ah don't feel too bad...I"m sure if you looked into it, there are much worse things that have happened to interns. Haha..there's a good blog...Intern Stories and Bloopers!

Live and learn. :)

linda said...

have you ever consided switching to a landline? those are harder to lose though a little bulky

Hazel said...

:D Good point!

Becky said...

um, do tyler and pryor know that you've referred to them as "maintenance guys"?

they certainly do more than that, love.

rectify the statement.