Sunday, September 9, 2007

My life thus far

Sorry for not updating :) Just been busy and the internet at my house is rather shitty.

So as most know I'm now working for The Center for American Progress, we are a progress think tank working to make progress changes on all levels. I work for the Campus Progress department and run their website now. Mostly just fixing old stuff and uploading new files. Nothing to cool yet, but things are getting better and better. Work is way liberal with allowing me to do what I want to expand my experience while here.

So far seen a panel on terror, one on leaving Iraq and one on Darfur.

All have been very good and the worse was Darfur. Two refugees came in and told their horror stories of running and surviving during attacks. This one pissed me off and made me want to do something :) So those who I have called, we will be doing something!

I got to meet Ted Kennedy at a press conference for new legislation on student lending and grants from the government. The you tube of part of it is here:
But I'm in the left side behind Congressmen Miller and can't be seen :( I hope other pictures come up soon.

Hmm. What else?!

Screened a movie about the 50th anniversary of the little rock school allowing black children into the white schools. If things go right one of the nine students will be coming into the center.

Bought a couple books to keep me busy :)

Think that's about it for now.

I also have to keep a blog at work so you can monitor that:

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Hazel said...

Way to inform and educate! Doing something we are love! Educating ourselves is the first step! I'm doing a lot of reading and research about Darfur's history and learning more about the surrounding countries as well.