Monday, September 24, 2007

Drugs hit home

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I sat here debating if this was blog worthy, and I decided it was. Then I sat here and tried to figure out if this was the right blog for this, I decide it was. This wont be as politically charged as most posts but it will mean something to someone, I'm sure. Today has been a rough day for the mind.

Being the hard worker I am the first thing I did when arriving at work this morning was to log into my MySpace account. Upon each I see a massive amounts of RIP bulletins along with an acquaintances name. After a few quick messages and reading comments left, I find that it is true. Utah socialite Scott aka “Scott!...From Myspace!…Right?” passed away Friday night, from what I can tell it was an overdose.

This isn’t another post on how cool Scott was, everyone who knew him knows. This is just a wake up post. Almost two years ago Scott wrote a blog about the need to calm down and return to a normal lifestyle, kind of an ironic fate to meet.

All of us in school probably know someone capable of great things but heading somewhere you can’t come back from. I guess it is just time to reach out to those around us before it’s too late.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your friend son. It sounds like such a large loss for all you knew and cared for him. Mom