Monday, September 24, 2007

Obama '08

Okay got a few updates to add :) I'll do each one as a new post.

So I forget which day this was exactly but we few Utah interns and myself ventured on over to an outdoor park type thing to listen to Mr. Obama give a little speech. He is a very strong speaker and knows how to work a crowd. So yeah to the side is a pic of me and the girls after and a video of his speech.


Hazel said...

What were some of his key points, concerns, or strategies in his speech?

Hazel said...

I know the video's there. :) It's better to hear it from you Mr. Tour Guide!

Becky said...

duuuuude was it that parking lot thing by CAP? if it was then i hate you. i was forced to go there for a hillary event. i was there a total of, MAYBE, 45 seconds before I got claustrophobic/scared/anxious/terrified and took off. and, p.s., as i was leaving, i was heckled by some campaign workers who decided to tell me what I cared about in life. (Specifically, they were informing me that I don't care about the women's movement/agenda b/c I am not a hillary fan. whores.)