Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Secret Service

So there were 2 suv's and three secret service guys outside our apartment just chilling for a bit... nothing good happened, but was kinda cool.

Was praying for a gun battle or something. Damn it.


Becky said...

ha, nice.

there was one time were were chilling outside of 515, i believe, and, as usual, a parade of fire engines and ambulances came roaring down the street at some ungodly hour.

what was different about this time is that they were all parking in front of the consulate--the firemen were literally jumping out of their trucks and running into our building, others were attaching the firehoses, police cars and all the hooplah began.... yet there we were, standing on the balcony watching this all go down, and no one (besides us) seemed to think it was a big deal.

kind of a... "huh."

epilogue: it turned out that one of the water heaters was smoking or something ridiculous, and they didn't know how big of a problem it was until they saw it. had it gone unnoticed, however, the consulate very well may not have been where you ended up living....

Rob Warner said...

lol that's funny stuff.

hmm we had the dead person van outside our place last week too... scary scary ghost