Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another day

Today started off with a yummy sandwich at Potbellies and a trip to the mall near the pentagon to buy some makeup to cover up my tattoo.

Our tourist thing of the day was Arlington Cemetery. Really interesting experience. First we walked up the big hill past the miles and rows of white tombstones and found ourselves at the Kennedy Memorial. The flame is still burning on. From there we continued up the hill and visited Robert E. Lee's former house. Arlington belonged to the Lee's until he resign from the US Army and joined the Confederacy. The house is massive and has the best wine cellar I've ever seen. From there we stumbled along reading the old graves from the Civil war era. We made it to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider right on time to see the changing of the guards. They are more machine then humans. Their movements were so precise and perfect. Probably about a 100 people there all silent and watching the guards change.

It really was weird seeing all those graves. Makes the point of how worthless wars are.

The visitors center had a computer to look up surnames. There were like 30 Warner's and only like 3 of my roommates last name. Warner's must just be bad at ducking!

Oh and I forgot yesterday evening we left DuPont Circle and walked down Embassy Row. I was rather sad with the whole thing. I was expecting each one to be guarded by each countries army/marines... but no, most didn't even have gates! Grr.

tonight... who knows, I hope to eat some yummy food though.


Hazel said...

Wow...I could only imagine the amount of respect paid while standing amongst the thousands of rows of headstones at Arlington...amazing amount of respect and honor for those men and women!

As for the change of guard...wonder how much they get paid and how much training they go through?

Linda said...

Pretty cool way to keep a journal and keep us updated.