Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well made it!

Made it to DC! My luggage didn't make it with me, but it is on it's way, I'll be picking it up tomorrow. So far I've met two of the girls and one of the guys who are interning and one of the girls from the summer semester. She's my room mate for the evening and will be departing at 6am tomorrow for SLC.

So far haven't seen much of DC. Flew in and was able to see the national monument and also see the White House. Really cool to finally see it other then in movies and books. Rode the metro to my apartment which was a little nerve racking but easy like all the other subways. The first line I was on was so clean and new, put TRAX to shame. But the 2nd line was the orange from the 70's and had trash in it. So averages out to OKAY.

I have what should be my final phone interview tomorrow with Center for American Progress.

The weirdest thing is to be sitting here in D.C. and having Utah be one of the top stories on the news right now for those miners. Odd.

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Hazel said...

Neat that they're able to at least maintain the older ones enough to keep them runnning safely.!