Saturday, August 18, 2007

Being a tourist...

Well yesterday was our big tourist day. Went to the mall, wandered around the Smithsonian Castle, National Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WW2 and the Korean/Vietnam memorials. The best part about it was there were two men protesting at the Lincoln and they had it roped off and tons and tons of police there. Dressed as Captain America and Batman they were getting the awareness out for their group that fights for mens rights after divorces with their children. Watch their YouTube video, so guess their gag worked eh?

After that we came home and went to dinner, ate some really good Mexican food. Who'd have thought clear out here would have good Mexican?! Oh and you can order whole pitchers of margs :) Met most of the group afterwards and went to Du Pont circle and found a few cool bars down there and just had a lot of fun with our specialty: being from Utah.

I was suppose to have a phone interview at 2pm but my potential supervisor was using a different computer and didn't see the alert come up. I emailed her and rescheduled for Monday at 11am. So at least I get on more day off before I start working!! Now it is time to go find a place for a hair cut. I look like a mangy dog.

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Hazel said...

Ah, the Smithsonian tell! :)