Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Zoo

The zoo was really kick ass. It really doesn't have that many animals but the cages they are in are really really well done. Probably the best exhibit was the Giant Panda. There were two younger ones and they were both way playful. One scaled a tree and sat in a branch then started humping the tree... most people laughed about it some parents covered their kids eyes... but needless to say it was damn funny.

I couldn't find any monkeys, so I was bummed about that :(

But they had a cool Gorilla set up, this is a picture of a young male.

Hmm what next... oh the Orang utan kept throwing up and re-eating it. Was really funny stuff!! He'd eat some of it up then kiss the window and gross out all the kids that were near by. It was great! The other guy in the cage I guess had been eating soap bubbles for over an hour. The tour guide said they like the feel of the bubbles and that they are nontoxic for him.

The lion kicked ass, Allen would have loved it! The zoo keeper over there tossed a big bone into his cage... the cage is setup in a three tier section and be bolted down the three tiers to the water where the bone accidentally went. He then spent the better part of 30 minutes pacing the pond, getting real close to the water and growling at it. But he would not get wet. Unlike the tigers who after their nap were all swimming and having fun. The best part of the tigers was they were practicing stalking each other. One would get way low, and move slowly towards the other one then suddenly just spring in action and chase the other around. Mom was not happy, she kept growling and trying to swat any of the cubs that came close... what a jerk.

Oh and then there was this scary bird!! It was shaped like an ostrich but then it's head was bright blue and red and it had this weird skull fin type thing on top. It more reminded me of one of those mean dino's off Jurassic Park.


Hazel said...

Sweet...I don't think it would be too big of a deal that there weren't a whole lot of animals. As you said, they seem to have more than efficient habitats. Their behavior seems naturally entertaining and that wouldn't be so if their environments weren't comfortable!

Gene said...

Lions and Tigers and Scary Birds oh my! Hmmmm...nope that don't sound right.