Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had another day off because the lady who was suppose to interview me left for the day and I still haven't heard from here again today. It's really stressing being out here and not having the internship yet, while all the other kids are going and telling stories about their jobs... makes me jealous.

But yesterday I went and got my hair did. Shaved and put on some of my good clothes, even though I wasn't going to work I was going to freaking look good!

I went to the Aeronautics Smithsonian first. Was really cool to see all the Apollo stuff along with the lunar lander. It's massive, way freaking big. I best was the mirror setup of the Saturn V rocket. They only had one and a half rockets, but with with mirrors they could make it look like there were the 5 rockets... and it was enormous! No wonder we are out of money, it'd take so much fuel to make those suckers go. They had an interesting setup of the 70's Soyez Russian space station docking with an American thinger... way cool.

Okay I lied. The best part was the Flight Simulator in there. I got to be the gunner and this young kid I let be the pilot. So off we went, rolling and diving... so fun. Trying to shoot upside down was way hard. We got a high score though, we got 12 kills within 6 minutes. And somehow I ended up with quarters inside my shirt, and it was a long sleeved shirt tucked in... I have no idea how it happened.

From there went to the fine arts building and saw a bunch of old art, the whole time I was looking for the modern art area and by the time I found it in the East building I was so tired of walking that I didn't care and left. So I have to go back sometime here and check it all out.

Umm as for living. It's been fun! We met our neighbors upstairs and they've been helping us out with the City and we're all going out on Thursday to some bar. Hmm, evenings are rather boring. Thinking of going and buying an Xbox 360... heh, just because it's so boring watching fox tv! lol.

Right now it's very cloudy outside. The news said it is left over moisture from Tropical Storm Erin. I hope a small little hurricane hits up around here, be a good story :)

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Hazel said...

Where's the pic of your first day being all dressed up?! We've been gipped!

I could only imagine all the stuff flying out of everyone's pockets in the flight simulator. Hehe, that's funny...especially since you didn't notice them flying down you're shirt! That's what you get for leaving it unbuttoned and for not wearing a tie! ;)